How to Exchange a Rest room in One Hour

Move a person: Get the resources you will need

To swap a toilet you will want just a couple applications. You will require either an adjustable wrench or a regular wrench set with unique dimensions.
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You will also have to have a razor knife and some towels for cleanup.

Action Two: Resources

The most clear will be the rest room alone. The brand name and design of toilet will rely on your taste and budget. Nonetheless, when buying a bathroom make absolutely sure to evaluate the distance between the mounting holes of the toilet tank and the wall. You will require to know the clearance you have as quite a few toilets have distinctive sizing tanks. The other products you will want is a rest room bowl wax ring and rest room bowl mounting bolts. You may want to select up a tube of silicone caulk as nicely.

Move A few: Eradicating the Aged Bathroom

Initial shut off the h2o supply to the toilet by turning the shut off valve positioned at the back again of the bathroom on the wall. Now flush the rest room various occasions to eliminate as significantly drinking water from the bowl as attainable. Clear away the lid of the rest room tank and open the flapper valve to drain as significantly drinking water out of the tank as achievable and flush again. Now use a tiny cup or big towels to soak up any remaining water in the tank.

Future you will have to have to disconnect the drinking water offer line. Use a standard wrench or adjustable wrench. If the source line nut is designed of plastic then use a pair of channel locks. If you are getting rid of the complete toilet then you will not will need to choose the tank off the bathroom bowl until you want to for benefit of carrying it out.

If you are removing the tank, than do so by getting the nuts off the tank bolts positioned beneath and back again of the bathroom tank. If the nuts turn the bolt then you may have to have a screw driver on the bolt from the inside whilst turning the nut from under to crack them totally free.

To get rid of the toilet bowl get started by making use of the razor knife to slash away any caulk that is around the bowl. Eradicating the caulk will assure you do not problems the ground when pulling up the toilet bowl and will make it substantially less complicated to do so.

Now take the two rest room mounting bolts off. They are located underneath the caps on each sides of the rest room base. In some circumstances these bolts can be rusted to the nuts and will not split no cost. If this is a little something you arrive throughout then use a little hacksaw blade to slash the bolt underneath the nut.

Now you can take out the toilet by gently rocking it from facet to facet, to split the seal the wax ring has made. After the toilet is totally free only pull straight up and out.

Step Four: Replacing the rest room

Prepare the spot for the new bathroom by cleansing the flange where by the aged wax ring was. Thoroughly clean the floor of any debris and secure any loose flooring down. Set your new toilet mounting bolts in the slots furnished on the ground flange. Idea the new rest room bowl on its aspect and carefully push the new wax ring to make it adhere to the toilet bowl.

Now meticulously information the bathroom bowl in excess of the mounting bolts in as straight downward motion as doable. Be thorough not to destruction the wax ring as you tutorial the toilet bowl in location. Now rock the rest room from facet to aspect to set the wax ring in spot and thrust the toilet bowl all the way down to meet the ground. Now area the nuts on the mounting bolts staying very careful to not about tighten as you can crack the porcelain quite conveniently.

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