Add Some Light To Your Attic With A Shed Dormer

Structurally, there are quite a few changes you can make in an attic. It’s just a question of how far you have the guts to go, or more exactly, how good your carpentry is and how many friends you can press into slave labor for your attic.

Quite a few years back, dormers were all the rage for the attic. They were built to let more light into a dim attic. However, since they presented wildly difficult decorating problems for the housewife, the dormer gradually became a shed dormer.

What’s the difference? Instead of several miserable little window dormers, the shed dormer is an extension to the roof area that continues almost all the way across the width of the house. In other words, you have one big dormer with several windows (or even a picture window) sharing the same wall. Inside you get lots more light and wind up with truly usable space in your attic.

A shed dormer for your attic is, however, a rather extensive building project. Unless you have the time and skill for it, you will probably be better off if you put the harder part of the job in the hands of a competent contractor. You may be able to split up the remodeling: call in a professional to tackle the actual structural work in your attic and leave the detailed interior finishing for yourself. In the event you loved this informative article and you want to receive more info regarding aannemer dakkapel laten plaatsen please visit our internet site.

Structural work, if poorly done, can result in damage to the house, not just the attic alone. Then, too, the problem of whether enters the picture. It’s very important to cut out the opening and close it in again as quickly as possible. Should a torrential downpour come along while your roof still has a gigantic hole cut in it, the results would be more than embarrassing for you and your attic.

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