Resigning From An Unsatisfactory Career – 4 Crucial Strategies

If are not satisfied with your present position or with the company you are working for, you might have thought that the time is ripe to quit your current job and look for a better one. If you have made up your mind that resigning from your current job is the best way out for you, you had better do so. However, it is not an easy task. Often, it is just as difficult as getting into the job.

You may be apprehensive about resigning, especially if this is your first experience with handing in a resignation. It is very important that you quit your job in an appropriate manner. In order to do so, you should first find out what you should not do while handing in your resignation. Some of the steps that you should not take while handing in your resignation are given as follows.

1. Never Quit on Impulse

The worst thing you can do is to quit a job on impulse. You might feel like quitting when you are being disciplined by a supervisor or when you find yourself facing a conflict related to certain issues at work. While it cannot be denied that this is upsetting, quitting on an impulse is simply not the right option for you.

Moreover, quitting on an impulse will create a negative impression of you. It could also hinder your attempts to find a job in the future.

You cannot leave on the spur of the moment. It is important that you give your employers notice of a certain period of time if you want to quit the company and seek another job.

2. Be Professional

As mentioned earlier, you have to give your employer notice before you actually quit your job. While most employers prefer to receive at least two week’s notice, they would appreciate it if you could extend your stay in the company till they have found a replacement for you or, at least, till you have got another job.

Be extremely professional when you hand in your resignation. The most appropriate way to do it is to hand in your well-written resignation personally to your employer.

3. Never Speak Ill of Your Employer

Never speak ill of your employer to anybody, even if they are your own friends or colleagues. It is of even greater importance that you don’t badmouth your previous employer during a job interview in the future. This is because, one day, your actions or words might boomerang on you.

At the same time, you should also ensure that the person you don’t want to work for anymore will refer you to others in glowing terms for many years. Moreover, you can never say when you will come across your previous employers or colleagues in future.
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It is not necessary to quit your job in unpleasant circumstances. You might be quitting because you are not satisfied with your job, employer, or colleagues, but you have to do it with a smile and as discreetly as possible. Never show your real emotions, however explosive and well-justified they might be.

4. Do Not Mislead Your Employer

It is of crucial importance that you do not mislead your present employer in any manner. Proceed with caution if you don’t wish to hand in your resignation till you have obtained a new job. You do not want your prospective employers contacting your present employer for a reference.

In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, you need to inform prospective employers that you are yet to hand over your resignation at your previous workplace. Better still, hand in your resignation and inform your current employer that you are leaving before you apply for a more suitable position.

To put it shortly, you should resign in a way that does not cause any harm either to your financial condition or your reputation. All that is actually required of you is the right use of your judgement, the only reliable guide you can ever have.

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